Excellent!! Could have listened to him longer.  His sense of humor inspires you to listen and really grasp the concept of his message.  Wish the students could hear him.

What does David speak about?

David will gladly speak on any topic of your choosing for your event as well as the titles below for 2015-2016…

  • 1

    How to Bring Change in Your Organization
    Especially When You Work with People Who Don’t Like Change

    A humorous, yet challenging, practical buffet of time-tested principles that work for those who have a desire to bring change as a leader of leaders. The goal is for each participant to impact the DNA and leadership values of the organization so that leaders can pass the baton of change in their sphere of influence. The principles are “Stuff that Works” in the reality of the murky waters of change. The sub-topics are not just sound bites, but are seasoned with various axioms that revolve around the leadership challenge of: Casting Vision; Building Bridges; Seeking Complementary Leaders; Encouragement - Not Cursing; Understanding the Internal and External Culture; Timing, Health - Not Dysfunction; Mentoring and Leadership for the Marathon - Not the Sprint. . .

  • 2

    Retention and The Millennial Generation

    The interactive workshop paints the mural of the reality of the 21st century challenges of the vital topic of retention in higher education. This fast moving message will transition from the macro aspects to the micro realities of mention with the context of the millennial generation. There will be a specific emphases in regards to recruiting, and keeping students to not only impact the college’s retention and graduation rate but to impact the students’ individual academic and professional lives as well. This data and delivery is an easy to understand snapshot of the speaker’s doctoral dissertation.

  • 3

    Baby Boomers vs. Echo Boomers
    (Millennials/Gen Y) - Chaos or Cooperation?

    To examine the various generations in the workplace. The goal is to go beyond co-existence and enter the deep waters of cooperation, growth, and effectiveness in a company culture. Got Millennials? Now What?

  • 4

    Leaders of Leaders Lead By…

    Ten time-tested, proven leadership skill-sets and traits that will transform individuals as well as the entire group, company, organization or business. The goal is to service as a leader of leaders. Perfect executives and high level leaders

  • 5

    A Leader is…

    OBJECTIVE: To expose participants to the vital ingredients in the recipe of leadership. More than informational, this presentation spurs transformation of a company culture.

    CONTENT: 1. Vision 2. A Catalyst for Change 3. Passion

  • 6

    The Missing Metaphor of Leadership
    Coaching & Mentoring

    OBJECTIVE: Apply the role and savvy of an athletic coach to the business arena

    CONTENT: 1. The Macro Picture of Coaching 2. Building the Team 3. Outrageous Offense 4. Determined Defense 4. The Game Plan 5. Adaptation/Adjustment 6. Consistent Victory

  • 7


    OBJECTIVE: How can an organization, team, business unit, company, deal with the issue of change without compromising its purpose, vision and mission? This question and others will be address

    CONTENT: 1. Re-visioning 2. Re-mission 3 Re-thinking 4. Re-Branding 5. Excellent Examples of Re-Invention 5. Implementation

  • 8

    This is Not Your Grandparent’s Business World

    OBJECTIVE: To deal with the reality and relevance of 2015-2016 and the ever changing, ever evolving world of business as well as the culture in which we live.

    CONTENT: 1. What Ever Happened To… 2. Modernity vs Post- Modernity 3. Change Without Compromise 4. Relevance, Authenticity 5. Quality, Consistency and Follow-Through

  • 9

    Beyond Customer Service As Usual

    OBJECTIVE: To take a company’s customer service to the next level and beyond.

    CONTENT: 1. Contagious Customer Service 2. Internal Customer Service 3. External Customer Service 4. Beyond the Reputation as Usual 5. Opportunities vs. Threats 6. Excellent Examples of Customer Service

  • 10

    Business is a Marathon… Not a Sprint

    OBJECTIVE: To constantly remind team members of the value of long haul effectiveness which produces consistent, increased profit and personal growth over a length person of time.

    CONTENT: 1. The Instant/Disposable Culture 2. Compare/Contrast of Sprint vs. Marathon 4. Prevention for the Ups and Downs 4. Dealing with the Highs and Lows 5. A Game Plan for Long Term Effectiveness 6. A Prescription for The Future 7. Persistence